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July 4, 2020 – Zionsville Race- POSTPONED/CANCELLED

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Date(s) - 07/04/2020
7:30 am - 12:30 pm

Zionsville Aquatics Center

Event Coordinator
Bryan Boggs

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 Due to COVID-19 virus, we have made the tough decision to postpone/cancel our first race. Please watch for details as we work to reschedule for a later date/time.


Zionsville Race

Thursday, July 4 2020

Zionsville Aquatics Center, Zionsville High School

1000 Mulberry St

Zionsville, IN 46077

 Race Begins at 9:30AM  (1st Wave Start)

Thank you for checking out the 4th of July race in the 2020 Kids Tri for Kids Triathlon Series at Zionsville Aquatics Center!

The Zionsville Race will continue the Kids Tri For Kids RACING Format!!

At all the KTFK 2020 races, there will be BOTH a TRIATHLON and a DUATHLON offered for your racing enjoyment.

KTFK introduce Relays as an exhibition event this year.  Relays for the triathlon, or duathlon will consist of 2-3 athletes.  The athletes can be of any age (7-14), and any gender mix.  Relays will all start with the first wave and follow the long-course.  The cost is $60 per relay.  Each relay will need to come up with a unique name during pre-registration on the website.

The Zionsville Kids Tri for Kids events will consist of a Triathlon with a 100 yard Swim/2 Mile Bike/1 Km Mile Run for the 10 and under age groups or a 200 yard Swim/4 Mile Bike/2 Km Mile Run for the 11 to 14 age groups (distances are approximate). The DUATHLON will consist of a 1 Km Run/2 Mile Bike/1 Km Run for the 10 and under age groups and a 1 Km Run/4 Mile Bike/2 Km Run for the 11 to 14 age groups.

Transition Area map Click Here

Run Course Map Click Here

Swim Course Map Click Here

Bike Course Map Click Here

This is the Eleventh year for the Tri for Kids – Zionsville race and we are really excited to continue to bring you a fabulous racing experience!

Below, you will find lots of important information pertaining to the race. Please take the time to review this information as it will make your experience (whether you are an athlete or a spectator) at the event much more enjoyable.

General Information


Zionsville Aquatics Center is located at 1000 Mulberry Street, Zionsville, Indiana 46077, behind Zionsville High School.

USAT Membership

USAT Membership is required. Youth Membership is $15 and will be good for one year. Please register online before your first race, and bring evidence of your USAT member number to each race. USAT provides a “one-day” membership for $10.00 too!


Parking is available on lots at the southeast corner and to the east of Zionsville High School. The parking lots directly to the south and southwest of Zionsville Aquatic Center are reserved for vendors and race transition area, exits, and entry.


We love our volunteers! If you or anyone else you know is interested in helping, please contact Bryan Boggs at bryanboggs84@yahoo.com

Packet Pick-up & Registration

There will be NO Race Packet Pick Up prior to race day. You may pick up your packet on race morning from 7:30 to 9 AM. Race packets will include a t-shirt, race number, swim cap, and sponsor information. Packet pick-up for those pre-registered will be at the Registration area 7:30-9 am. Day-of registration will open at 7:30 am and conclude at 9 am. When athletes register, we will also body mark them – write their race number on their arms and legs with a Sharpie. Athletes need to be registered by 9 to be prepared for the mandatory pre-race meeting. Please don’t plan to arrive at 9, as you and your athlete will have to attend the race meeting and will not have time to setup in the transition area. The best race experience will be if you have plenty of time to understand the course layout, as it is different than in years’ past.

Pre-Race Meeting

A mandatory race meeting for all participants and a parent/guardian will take place at 9 am. Racing will start immediately following the meeting, at approximately 9:30 am. Specific race start times will be available the morning of the race.

Spectator Information

Please recognize that triathlon is notoriously NOT a spectator friendly sport. We have designed the course to make it possible to see your triathlete in each of the 3 disciplines and the finish, but please remember that it is not realistic to see your triathlete throughout the whole race. Also, please remember that the reason we are here is for the athletes. We appreciate you respecting the volunteers who will be directing people across the course by the transition area. Spectators need to be respectful of the triathletes at all times and be cautious about moving in front of the athletes who are competing. You can easily see the transition area and the beginning of the bike and run courses by viewing the race east of the transition area. No spectators are permitted in the transition area. When you can’t see your kids, one of our volunteers can. They will be encouraging them just like you would be! The finish line for both the long and short courses is located at the drive along the south side of the Zionsville Aquatic Center. Once the racing is finished, the transition area will be opened and you will have plenty of time to load your bike into your car before the awards, if you so choose. The awards ceremony will take place after the Family Fun Run is finished at the finish line.

Transition Information

Transition area

Transition Area map Click Here

Only ONE transition area will be provided for the athletes, so bike and run attire must be placed in the provided transition area. Athletes will not be provided a transition area on the pool deck. The transition area maps will be posted at registration. Athletes are to be courteous in the transition area and keep their gear together in one small area. No throwing equipment. Bikes are to be placed back to the same position after the bike leg, so know where you place your bike in the transition area.

Helmets are to be worn AND FASTENED anytime the athlete is touching the bike. There is no riding in the transition area. Volunteers will direct athletes to the exits where they will then mount the bike. Athletes will also dismount their bikes prior to entering the transition area.

Transition Time

This time will be counted towards your overall race time, though there is no time limit.

Course Marking/Volunteers

The run course will be marked so the athletes will know what direction to head, but we will also have volunteers out on the course to help along the way.

DUATHLON -Run #1 Information

The FIRST run segment will take place at the transition area. ALL DUATHLETES will run approximately 1 Km. A run course map will be provided at registration. Once the DUATHLETES complete the first run and return to the transition area they will do the same Bike and Run course that the TRIATHLETES will complete.

Walking/Resting on the run course

Athletes may walk or stop to rest on the run course, but again this time will be counted towards their final time.

TRIATHLON -Swim Information

Swim Course Map Click Here

The swim will begin in the water and the race time will start on the Starter’s signal. The 25 yard pool will have 3 turns for 4 lengths or 100 yards total. The short swim course (ages 7-10) is 100 yards before exiting pool to transition. The long course (ages 11-14) is two 100 yard loops requiring swimmers exit the pool after the first 100 yards, walk cautiously on the pool deck to original start, and jump (NOT dive) into pool to complete the second 100 yard loop before exiting the pool to transition. The swim course map will be posted on the website and provided at registration and reviewed during the athlete meeting. It is every athlete’s responsibility to know and follow the course in each of the disciplines.


Our lifeguards will be positioned around the perimeter of the pool during the of the swim portion of the triathlon.

Race Attire

It’s fastest to minimize clothing changes. Try to wear something in the swim that you could bike and run in. For boys, it’s a swim suit or bike shorts. For girls, you may wear a swim suit, bike shorts and swim suit / other top for the swim. You may continue the race in this outfit or add clothing as necessary for the bike. As you begin the run, make sure you have your race number! You MUST have your race number on the front of your body at the finish of the race.

Strokes for the Swim

You can use any stroke you like during the swim. Freestyle or crawl is the most commonly used stroke, though it is not required.

Resting during the Swim

If you feel you need to rest, swimmers may grab the side of the pool, but cannot use it to propel themselves forward. They may also use the end wall to rest so long as they move away from the turn area to allow other swimmers to turn uninhibited. Lifeguards will also be available to assist with any problems.

Passing during the Swim

Go for it! We are using the entire width of the swimming pool to allow room to pass. If possible tap the swimmer ahead of you on the toes to let them know you are going to pass.

Equipment during the Swim

No fins, wetsuits, or floaties are allowed during the swim.


Flip turns are allowed during the swim.

Swim Caps

All participants (male and female) are required to wear swim caps. Swim caps will be provided for you in your race packet. Triathletes must wear the cap that is provided to them as the colors designate age groups.

Exiting the pool

If you need assistance getting out, there is a ladder available on the southwest corner of the pool at the end of the swim course. Walking on the pool deck is important! For safety, no running is permitted on the pool deck.

Bike Information for all athletes

Bike Course Map Click Here

Athletes will walk/run with their bike out of the transition area to the bike mounting area. Once on the bike, athletes will head south along through the parking lot and past the stadium before turning right and then left onto Hal Sharpe Road, followed by a right onto the walking path at Jennings Field before Bloor Road. The 7 – 10 year olds will complete one loop while the 11 – 14 year olds will complete 2 loops. Athletes are responsible for counting their own laps. Spectators are encouraged to help as well. After the Athletes have completed the bike leg of the course, he/she will then dismount the bike and walk/run it back into the bike to run transition area. The bike course map will be provided at registration.

Bike Safety

The majority of the course is on walking paths; while pedestrians using the paths will be made aware of the race, be cautious of other people using the path. The path along Mulberry has vehicle entry/exits where volunteers will be posted, and Hal Sharpe Road will be closed to vehicle traffic, but Athletes need to STAY AWARE OF POSSIBLE TRAFFIC and FOLLOW VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTIONS. The bike course will be sufficiently marked and staffed with volunteers to keep the race safe for athletes.


YES!!!! This rule is strictly enforced by both the USAT and the race organizers. You will be disqualified if you do not wear a helmet. You MUST wear a helmet correctly and the chinstrap must be buckled ANYTIME you are on your bike. We have had athletes put their helmets on backwards. For safety, athletes need to wear their helmets properly and we will stop any racers who are not wearing their helmet correctly. This includes before, during, and after the race. If you are riding your bike from your car to the transition area, you MUST have your helmet properly on and buckled— same for after the race. Parents, you too! Set a good example! You will be disqualified if you do not properly wear a helmet! You are responsible for providing your own helmet.

Bike Equipment

In keeping with USAT regulations for all youth races, NO AEROBARS OR AERODYNAMIC HELMETS are permitted. These result in automatic disqualification.

“Fat-Tire” Bikes

Yes. Fat tire bikes are allowed at this race.

Bike Selection

Bike selection is a personal thing. However, if you are looking for an entry level road bike, please visit your local bike shop with your questions. Any kind of bike can be used, as long as it meets safety requirements. No training wheels are allowed. It must be in working order, and handlebar ends must be plugged. A volunteer will be checking bikes when you enter the transition area to insure that your bar ends are plugged.


Bike racks will be provided. Athletes will have the option of using a bike rack or a kickstand. Athletes who have kickstands must position their bikes in the kickstand area of the transition area.

Flat Tires

There will be no bike support on the bike course. If an athlete encounters a flat tire, he will need to dismount the bike and run with the bike the remainder of the course.

Run Information

Run Course Map Click Here

The run segment will take place on Zionsville High School parking lots and track field. The 7 – 10 year olds will run approximately 1 Km while the 11-14 year olds will run about 2 Km. A run course map will be provided at registration.

Walking/Resting on the run course

Athlete may walk or stop to rest on the run course, but again this time will be counted towards their final time.

Course Marking/Volunteers

The run course will be marked so the athletes will know what direction to head, but we will also have volunteers out on the course to help along the way. Keep the course markers on your left throughout the course.

Additional Information

Water/Aid Stations

Water/aid station will be located at the transition area.


If there is thunder or lightning at the start of the race, we will be delayed 30 minutes from the last lightning strike. If thunder or lightning occurs in the middle of the race, the event is immediately cancelled. Athletes will be pulled from the course and sheltered in Zionsville High School. If the race is cancelled there will be no refunds.


An event of this type can only happen with the help of a crew of fabulous volunteers! Please be sure to thank the volunteers you see race day! They have given their time to make the day the best for you and your triathlete!

If you have any questions prior to the race, please feel free to contact Bryan Boggs, the race director, at bryanboggs84@yahoo.com or 317-681-4997. We look forward to seeing you Saturday, July 4th!



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