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Parent Testimonials

Today was my daughter’s first time participating and I just want to thank you for a great event! She was a bit unprepared as she hadn’t trained (but I figured she was in good enough shape from doing 9 hours of competitive gymnastics/week), yet she still had fun and you guys were very organized. She’s not a great swimmer, so I’m not sure we’ll get to another one but wanted to give you some positive feedback. She had a friend with her and the friend enjoyed it too! Nicely organized, great volunteers, really wonderful family oriented event. Thanks again!

Jill Henry - 2013 Southport Duathlon

Another job well done with the race this last weekend. And, it’s cool to see “Kids Tri for Kids” receive both the great support from USAT and the new service mark!
Our 4 kids really enjoy these tri’s…they are such confidence builders.


Mike & Nancy - Jordan Y - 2012 Season

What a fantastic event! Thanks to everyone that made it possible. This was my son’s first tri, and he is already talking about the next one.

David Freeman - Downtown Indy - 2012 Season

Also I would like to thank everyone for such a wonderfully run program. Everyone from the volunteers, parents and the children were so great. My other daughter Hannah struggled greatly in the swim this weekend, but received a lot of positive response. I’m was very touched by the support of everyone that cheered her on.

Thank you!

Jill Truax - 2012 Season

Dear Brad,

You have been such a blessing of joy and motivation in our family path the past 2 years. I am so grateful to know you and your wife. You two have made an incredible difference for a healthier future for the youth in our community. I am forever grateful for your ENDLESS hours you have joyously given to the Kids Tri for Kids. You many never know the hearts and souls you have set a blaze with your outreach. It has truly changed our lives forever. Nick has come so far. He has been given a space where he feels secure enough to give his best, despite his previous lack of interest to be physically fit! I don’t know what we would have done without your group getting us involved in this Tri craze!!!!

Pamela Dunlap - 2011 Season

Dearest Meg,

I just needed to let you know how very grateful I am for ANOTHER HUGE SUCCESS Triathlon. I know there were MANY stresses that you did not let all of us know about… you face stress with such GRACE. I am always in AWE of how you and Brad face the music over and over again. Despite the heat … sweat beating down his face…. Brad always greets us ALL with a smile, laughter and such great patience. You two have given this community something that has changed LIVES…. many LIVES. Seeing all those kids today… all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds. Wow, how proud you must feel to do this for people. I am here to tell you … IT IS WORTH all the hell you have endured…. please know … we are all so very grateful. No words can tell you how grateful and appreciative Nick, Morrigan, Dawn and I are… and all the families we have talked to. I know there were injuries and stresses today that many of us did not see or know about, I pray all will be well for all those who might have had trouble …. How is the COW????
Thank you for keeping up the SMILES, the gentle, warm greetings in the middle of CHAOS… YOUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS ARE A REFLECTION OF YOU. Please let them all know how much we appreciated them.

karmaislove@gmail.com - 2011 Season

We loved meeting the lil 7 year old who did his first triathlon today… Nick gave him a pep talk after it was done… as he was experiencing a little heat exhaustion…. and he Pepped up fast!!! Nick had him bragging about his experience in minutes!!! To see his lil face after realizing what he had accomplished…. and the DAD… was soooooo moved with pride.
I followed a boy and his dad to the car, he must have been about 8 or 9, I heard them talking about what a great feeling it was to know he had finished…. I think it was his first as well! I told him to pause and realize there were very few kids on this planet that could say they completed a triathlon today and that he should be VERY proud. The kid beamed. The dad and I then validated each other’s emotions of pride, and amazement of how the kids show such determination and strength.
YOU create these moments for us!
YOU facilitate these amazing opportunities for kids to feel they are MIGHTY and CAPABLE of making strong and healthy bodies!
YOU provide opportunities for kids to believe in themselves.
THANK YOU, Thank YOU, thank YOUUUUUU!!!!!

- 2011 Season

I felt this tri was the best organized EVER….and I know behind the scenes might not have seem that way…but for a parent and kids perspective, we were so pleased with how well the course was marked, how the volunteers came together etc… it was awesome!
I know the registration was rough for you all… but all the volunteers just stepped in and assisted everyone getting registered… it was awesome… they found the right packet for Morrigan and everything… your team fixed it fast!!!!

WE DID NOT have any troubles… you all made it EASY and all were on time!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!

- 2011 Season

I just love you guys and look forward to the next race. We are soooo glad you are doing this for all of us!
AND….the kids love their bracelets!!! Thank you for having them there today!!! I know you TRIED to get them to us so many times.
We love you guys!

Pam on behalf of our whole clan!

Pam - 2011 Season

Thanks, Phillip had a blast and is looking forward to the Jordan tri. Jeff

- 2011 Season